Innovation solutions and customized software development.


What is CiberCIDEV?

We offer comprehensive solutions that provide added value to Networking platforms, following the highest standards of software quality through research processes and technological innovation that promote the development of your enterprise, an increase in competitiveness, and a timely response to your needs.


Technology within your company’s reach and with lower risk

Customized Software (Developer)

Customized full-stack development (web, desktop, scripting, mobile, reporting, dashboards, database management if needed)


Cloud solutions applied to specific use cases or customized.
Bots and automatons that provide solutions to repetitive or manual processes.


Development of data management systems, development of APIs for processing within third-party platforms or for internal use.

We have a solution catered to your needs

CiberC Code Automations

Development focused on multi-brand migration processes between platforms. This enables the automation of the extraction of pre and post window settings, as well as the automatic comparison between stages.


  • Migration of multi-seller interface settings.
  • Migration of feature settings (CISCO XE to XR, and multi-seller)
  • Automated ATP pre and post window to guarantee the correct migration of services.

CiberC Network Controller

Controller developed for day 1 and 2 automations, bulk configuration of multi-seller services and graphic web interface validations for scaled template management.


  • Automation of scaled multi-seller configurations
  • Automated validations for scaled multi-seller configurations
  • Network inventory management
  • Network and infrastructure inventory management
  • Enabling automations using APIs, REST/Netconf, and traditional SSH via CLI

CiberC Records

Connect Webex to Sharefile to automate the upload and download of recordings, freeing some space from Cisco’s cloud and ensuring space availability in Webex’s cloud.


  • Automated backups on recordings from Webex
  • Recording clean-up in users’ accounts (Free space)
  • Upload of backup files into a cloud storage system (Sharefile)
  • Mantaining and ensuring space availability within Webex (if a defined threshold is reached, it automatically launches a backup process)

CiberC Network Automation Portfolio

To support our clients and facilitate their move towards an automated network and workflow, we offer the following services:

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